AIKO SC is novel biological hybrid derived insecticide having unique combination of extraction and microbial technology. It combines pure refined Sophora flavescens Plant Extract with Micro-organisms, for the control of Lepidoptera pests, Leafminers, Spidermites and soft body insects on a wide range of crops.

AIKO SC comprises of both, contact and stomach activity type of mode of action. It is a low toxicity product to humans and livestock and considered friendly to the environment.

About Aiko

What is AIKO?

Aiko SC is a hybrid biological derived insecticide, that combines pure refined Sophora flavescens Plant Extract with micro-organisms. The key components of Aiko SC are Sophora flavescens Plant Extract and Bacillus thuringiensis var. Aizawai.

  • Sophora flavescens Plant Extract Biological insecticide contains Sophora flavescens pure plant derivative which has a broad-spectrum activity on spidermites, soft-body insect pests and Lepidoptera.
  • Sophora flavescens has contact and stomach action, with additional anti-feeding and  repelling activity.
  • Bacillus thuringiensis var. Aizawai is a Gram positive, soil-dwelling bacterium.
  • During sporulation, Bacillus thuringiensis var. Aizawai produces crystal proteins, called б-endotoxins, that have insecticidal action. When an insect pest ingests Cry proteins from treated leaves, its feeding stops within minutes. The protein crystals are solubilized in the gut of  the pest and the gut cells are irreparably damaged. Once this damage occurs, Bt spores enter through the gut wall and germinate rapidly causing lysis of the stomach epithilium. The larvae then die in 1-3 days.   IRAC Group: 11A (Microbial disruptors of insect midgut membranes)

As a low toxicity product to humans and livestock, it is friendly to the environment and can be used in vegetable production. It is recommended to use Aiko SC before or upon the first sign of infection. Always alternate with insecticides with different mode of action through the season to prevent the development of resistant pests.

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