Sineria Holland BV and AMVAC Chemical Corporation

Hybrid portfolio – Okida® and Aketchi®

Sineria Holland BV and AMVAC® Chemical Corporation have entered into a distribution and market development agreement related to Sineria’s state of the art Hybrid Insecticide  Aketchi® and Hybrid Fungicide Okida®.

AMVAC® will distribute the new Sineria hybrid products in Mexico.

Okida® and Aketchi® are part of Sineria’s global Bridge Solution® line of products.

Sineria Holland BV, is a leader in innovative botanical-based crop protection products and Hybrid technology. Sineria has developed a “bridge solution” portfolio which acts as a transition from a system rooted in toxic pesticides to a healthier, low-residue, biological-based sustainable system.


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Hybrid insecticide

Aketchi® is a novel innovative combination of a pure plant extract together with a biological based fermentation ingredient in a single ready to apply formulation. The combined action of Aketchi® disrupts multi-side enzymatic activities in a broad range of insect pests. The use of Aketchi® ensures excellent efficacy against the targeted pests, while decreases the risk for resistance development and lowers the residue index.

The Aketchi®  hybrid technology complements the comprehensive insecticide portfolio of AMVAC® Chemical Corporation  in Latin America and will help to provide the end-users with an innovative sustainable tool for insect resistance management.

Hybrid fungicide

Okida® is an innovative Hybrid fungicide and Bactericide that activates the plant immunity by eliciting the SAR (Systemic Acquired Resistance) and ISR (Induced Systemic resistance) of the attacked hosts , which causes the plants to arm their own defence systems against the attacking pathogens.

Okida® delivers technological advantages while maintaining low toxicological profile and low residue levels.


AMVAC® Chemical Corporation, is an American Vanguard® Company (NYSE: AVD) headquartered in the U.S., – a global technology solutions provider for agriculture and a leader in proven chemistries, green solutions, precision application systems and sustainability solutions for plant and soil health.

About Sineria Holland BV

Sineria Holland BV is a leader in innovative botanical-based crop protection products and hybrid technology and has developed a “Bridge Solution” portfolio which includes products that transforms the user from a system rooted in toxic pesticides to healthier, low-residue, biological-based sustainable systemsSineria is committed to providing high-performance and naturally-derived products that promote plant health and control weeds, pests, and plant diseases in a broad range of crops. Aketchi, Okida and Bridge solution are registered trademarks of Sineria Holland BV.