Product Active Ingredient Description Targets Documents
    Agri 50™ Propylene glycol Alginate (hydrated)
    280 gr/lt SC

    Bio Insecticide with Fungicidal properties. Deriving from natural sea-weed gum.

    Whiteflies, Leafhoppers, Psyllids, Scales, Spider-mites / Powderry mildew MSDSMSDS
    Bio – T – Plus™ Bacillus thuringiensis var.
    kurstaki 32.000 IU

    Bio Insecticide from naturally occurring soil bacteria

    Heliothis sp., Helicoverpa sp., Spodoptera sp., other Lepidoptera species MSDSMSDS
    Levo 2.4SL™ SOPHORA FLAVENSCES 5% plant extract

    Bio Insecticide – Plant derivative product

    Broad Spectrum – Indicatively: Aphids, spider mites, Thrips, whiteflies, Diamond-back moth,Army worm MSDSMSDS
    Metafur™ Metabolite glucose extracts

    Bio nematicide for the control of Root Knot nematode

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    Phyto- Protect EC™ Proprietary blend of natural vegetable oils and special cultivar of sesame oil

    Bio Nematicide – Derived from pure vegetable oils and other ingredients which are 100% naturally derived.

    Nematodos MSDSMSDS
    Prevail – P™ 5% d-Limonene from natural citrus extract

    Bio-insecticide based on natural d-Limonene for the control of insect pests and spidermites on vegetables and ornamentals.

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    Rhizo Mic™ Beneficial bacteria: . Rhizobium sp., 8*107
    . Bacillus sub ilis 2.4*107
    . Bacillus mycoides 2.4*107
    Beneficial fungus: . Trichoderma viride 2*108
    . Mycorrhizhae 1*102

    Protects the crops against most of the soil-borne diseases but also promotes the growth, resistance, yield produc􀆟on and general well-being of plants.

    Pythium sp., Fusarium sp., Phytopthora sp., Verticillium sp., Rhizoctonia sp. BrochureBrochure
    Rhizo Protect™ 1x108 CFU/g Metarhiziuman isopliae + 1x108 CFU/g Lecanicillium lecanii

    A biological insecticide for the control of soft body and sucking insect pests like Thrips, Whiteflies, Aphids, Mealybugs and Mites on vegetables and ornamentals

    Diamond-back moth, Russian wheat aphid, Whiteflies, Scales, Aphids, Thrips BrochureBrochure
    Rhizo Shield™ Purpureocillium lilacinus 1x1010 spores per gram + Bacillus spp. 2.4x107 CFU per gram

    Biological nematicide against plant parasitic nematodes, including Root knot nematodes, on a wide range of crops

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