Convey 500SL is a new-generation, hybrid insecticide formulation for the control of soft-bodied insect pests and suppression of spidermites on a wide range of crops. Convey 500SL is a unique combination of biological plant extract active and with an organic compounds with systemic activity to provide efficient pest control at a low residue index. Convey 500SL is able to control difficult pests with its dual contact and ingestion activity, eliminating pests upon application and through feeding on treated crops.

About Convey

An important feature of Convey 500SL is that both active ingredients are recognized and approved at the EU level. 

What is Convey?

Convey 500SL is a hybrid insecticide that combines plant extract with synthetic substances. The primary ingredients of Convey 500SL are garlic extract and Flonicamid. 

  • Refined garlic extract has a broad spectrum of activity in plant protection as an insecticide, fungicide and nematicide. As such, Convey 500SL is effective and durable in eliminating a variety of soft-bodied insect pests and spidermites.

  • Refined garlic extract has contact and repellent action, with additional anti-feedant activity. It primarily affects the juvenile stages of insects.

  •  Convey 500SL does not have adverse effects on taste in food crops.
  • Flonicamid is a synthetic compound used as an insecticide against a variety of pests. It disrupts the function of chordotonal organs that control insects’ senses and movement. On contact or once the substance is digested, it causes interruption in feeding and other behaviors, eventually eliminating the pest’s ability to cause damage to crops. It has fast activity andhigh efficacy, with low impact on beneficial insects.

    IRAC group 29 (Chordotonal organ modulators). It’s the only substance in this group, which makes it ideal for rotation with insecticides demonstrating other modes of action, to prevent resistance development.

Convey 500SL has low impact on beneficial organisms following application.

Convey 500SL is a hybrid technology insecticide that demonstrates high efficacy to control a wide range of insect pests and with an eco-friendly profile. Always alternate with insecticides with different modes of action through the season to prevent the development of resistant pests.

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