Kenya’s Children’s Homes 2022

Sineria’s affiliate in Kenya – Sineria Kenya Ltd, is continuing to support “Kenya Children’s Home”, a charitable project that is very dear to us.

The primary goal of Kenya Children’s Home is to restore hope and provide the basic needs and attention to orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya. The objectives of KCH are to rehabilitate the children with interpersonal skills through education, medical care, the building of their self-esteem and social living skills.

The Nairobi orphanage is the forerunner project of KCH (Kenya Children’s homes), home to up to 200 orphaned, destitute and abandoned children. 

KCH also extends its support beyond the orphanage, with many other community projects throughout Kenya that aims to enrich the lives of many Kenyan children and adults. 

Sineria’s contribution helps the initiative and sustain the growth of KCH. As a result the Kenyan staff is able to give every day the best care, protection and education to the children in need.