Sineria Holland BV and ASCENZA

Hybrid portfolio – Biovey® and Takezo®

Sineria Holland BV and ASCENZA® have entered into a distribution and market development agreement related to Sineria’s state of the art Hybrid Insecticide  Biovey® and the Hybrid Fungicide Takezo®
ASCENZA® will distribute the new Sineria hybrids products in Mexico.

Biovey® and Takezo® are part of Sineria’s global Bridge Solution® line of products.

Sineria Holland BV, is a leader in innovative botanical-based crop protection products and Hybrid technology. Sineria has developed a “bridge solution” portfolio which acts as a transition from a system rooted in toxic pesticides to a healthier, low-residue, biological-based sustainable system.


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Hybrid insecticide

Biovey® is a new generation, hybrid insecticide with a unique formulation, combining garlic natural plant extract and Flonicamid. The dual mode of action of Biovey® has a contact and repellent action, with additional anti-feeding activity, as it rapidly inhibits the feeding behavior of soft-bodied insects and spidermites. The use of Biovey® ensures excellent efficacy against the targeted pests, while decreases the risk for resistance development and lowers the residue index.

Biovey® hybrid technology complements the comprehensive insecticide portfolio of ASCENZA® in Latin America and will help to provide the end-users with an innovative sustainable tool for insect resistance management.

Hybrid fungicide

Takezo® is an innovative Hybrid fungicide that has a multiple mode of action, inducing the plant resistant mechanisms, by eliciting the SAR (Systemic Acquired Resistance) and ISR (Induced Systemic resistance) of the attacked hosts, which causes the plants to arm their own defence systems against the attacking pathogens.

Takezo® delivers technological advantages while maintaining low toxicological profile and low residue levels.


ASCENZA® is a ROVENSA® company. ROVENSA® is a corporation present in more than 70 countries, committed to deliver agricultural solutions that follow global megatrends of the industry.

The name “Ascenza” derives from the Latin word “ascendere”, which means “ascend, grow, raise”, which has defined the brand over the years. 

As a company working in the crop protection market since 1965, ASCENZA® brings the best solutions to its customers to fulfill the mission of helping to feed a growing population. 

ASCENZA® has had the opportunity to consolidate knowledge, increase know-how and develop customized solutions for the agricultural community over the years.

About Sineria Holland BV

Sineria Holland BV is a leader in innovative botanical-based crop protection products and hybrid technology and has developed a “Bridge Solution” portfolio which includes products that transforms the user from a system rooted in toxic pesticides to healthier, low-residue, biological-based sustainable systemsSineria is committed to providing high-performance and naturally-derived products that promote plant health and control weeds, pests, and plant diseases in a broad range of crops. Biovey, Takezo and Bridge solution are registered trademarks of Sineria Holland BV.