Global Team

Sineria’s vision is to protect nature and the environment while assisting farmers in producing nutritious, low-residue crops through quality and efficient manufacturing. In recent years, Sineria has emerged as one of the leading private research and marketing companies of low-residue products.

Sineria invests significant effort in developing highly-innovative, low-residue products and application technologies. Our bio-insecticides and bio-fungicides, for example, are designed by field experts and tested by accredited bodies of the agricultural sector. 

Our team, spread over 12 countries throughout the world, are true experts in their respective fields. These teams consists of dedicated, trained professionals who continuously strive to develop natural and healthier solutions for our clients.

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What makes Sineria unique?

  • Well established infrastructure – we are a small company yet remain highly influential in the crop protection and crop nutrition fields.
  • Specialized in-house technical support.
  • Professional team developing innovative new formulations.
  • In-house expertise to support product development and registration processes.
  • High emphasis on product quality – use of ISO and GLP accredited laboratories and routine quality control tests of all final products.
  • “Go Green” state of mind – highly focused on bio-solutions and
    environmentally friendly products
  • On-going cooperation with research hubs such as universities and international research institutions – collaborating to devise and develop novel ideas.
  • Sineria Hybrid – development of a new range of hybrid plant protection products, integrating biological and synthetic ingredients while maintaining a low toxicological profile and low residual levels.
  • Fully committed to our clients – constantly adapting to clients’ needs while considering the ever-changing environment of the marketplace.