Sineria Holland BV and SePRO Corporation

Biological control – Levo and Kobe

Sineria Holland BV and SePRO Corporation have entered into a distribution and market development agreement related to Sineria’s state of the art biological insecticide and fungicide Levo® and Kobe®
SePRO will distribute Sineria’s new Bio control products in the United States and Canada.

Levo® and Kobe® are part of Sineria’s global Biological Solution® line of products.

Sineria Holland BV, is a leader in innovative botanical-based crop protection products and Hybrid technology. Sineria has developed a “bridge solution” portfolio which act as a transition from a system rooted in toxic pesticides to a healthier, low-residue, biological-based sustainable system


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United States

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Biological insecticide

Levo® is a novel broad spectrum Biological insecticide for use on a wide range of crops against a broad spectrum of Pests. 

Levo® demonstrates excellent efficacy against economically important  species of plant eating spider mites and lepidoptera larvae, yet it is able to discriminate and has a low mortality index against beneficial insects and beneficial mites. 

Levo® has a very low residue index – This important characteristic qualifies Levo® to be used in IPM programs as well as in Organic Agriculture and in other cases where low residue products are required.

Levo® complements the comprehensive insecticide portfolio of SePRO Corporation portfolio in selected markets  and will help to provide the end-users with an innovative sustainable tool for insect resistance management.

Biological fungicide

Kobe® is a highly bio-active plant-derived fungicide/bactericide/viricide newly developed by Sineria Holland BV of the Netherlands. 

The key active ingredients in Kobe® are natural substances extracted by a unique extraction process from the herbal plant Rheum officinale Baill.

Hybrid fungicide

Kobe® activates the plant immunity by eliciting the SAR (Systemic Acquired Resistance) and ISR (Induced Systemic resistance) of the attacked hosts, which causes the plants to arm their own defence systems against the attacking pathogens.

Kobe® provides excellent and effective protection against powdery mildew, gray mold and various other diseases, on a wide range of crops; among them vegetables, ornamentals, and cereals. 

About SePRO

SePRO Corporation, is dedicated to discovering and developing sustainable solutions.

SePRO corporation’s mission is to provide plant protection and water resource management products and services that meet vast industrial and agricultural unique needs.

Sepro 410-acre SePRO Research & Technology Campus (SRTC) in Whitakers, NC, is central to Sepro cooperation goal of addressing the new and growing challenges facing our most precious natural resources.

About Sineria Holland BV

Sineria Holland BV is a leader in innovative botanical-based crop protection products and hybrid technology and has developed a “Bridge Solution” portfolio which includes products that transforms the user from a system rooted in toxic pesticides to healthier, low-residue, biological-based sustainable systemsSineria is committed to providing high-performance and naturally-derived products that promote plant health and control weeds, pests, and plant diseases in a broad range of crops. Levo, Kobe and Bridge solution are registered trademarks of Sineria Holland BV.