About Us

With a widespread network of distributors in 3 continents, Sineria has experienced rapid growth since its anticipation.

Sineria is renowned for its pioneering research work in Crop Protection and Crop Nutrition and for its development of Suspension Concentrate nutritional Products.

Sineria has undertaken extensive research and trial work in conjunction with a number of government and private research institutes throughout the world in order to understand the complexities of crop protection and crop nutrition.

Sineria is committed to providing sustainable solutions to the farming industry. We offer a full range of specialty products and an extensive range of high quality, standard generic agro-chemicals, conforming to global standards. We also offer the necessary technical and back-up services to enhance our overall value offering to our customers.

Sineria has within the company a wealth of technical expertise to actively support all the products development and if necessary the registration. Our toxicological and registration work is performed in-house and supported by GLP and Non -GLP accredited laboratories in Europe, Latin America and China.

In addition Sineria is committed to providing high performing and naturally derived products that promote plant health and manage weeds, pests and plant diseases in a broad range of crops.

Growers will find the crop solutions from Sineria to be valuable and versatile tools that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of integrated pest management (IPM) and integrated resistance management (IRM) programs

The range of fully soluble liquid fertilizers, offered by Sineria , combine macro and micro-elements in highly concentrated solutions and are unique globally in both formulation and concentration. The wide range of products covers starters and planters, seed dressings, organic activators, major elements and minor elements (including chelates).

Sineria is a renewed agency house in key regions cooperating with multi-national producers. We are a high quality partner linking global manufacturers with customers in Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.