Takezo 200SC is a highly active, hybrid fungicide and bactericide researched and developed to tackle a variety of fungal and bacterial diseases on a wide range of crops. Takezo 200SC is effective against the prevalent fungal diseases Downy mildew, Botrytis, Early and Late blight, Sclerotinia, Purple blotch, Phoma wet blotch and Cercospora leaf spot.

Takezo 200SC is based on a novel combination of pure refined plant extract and safe synthetic ingredients to provide outstanding disease control with lower toxicity and lower residual index. Takezo 200SC has multiple mode of action in control of fungal and bacterial diseases as it affects the pathogen itself while also inducing strong plant resistance mechanisms.

About Takezo

What is Takezo?

Takezo 200SC is a hybrid fungicide composed of Cnidium monnieri plant extract and Boscalid. The combination of biological metabolites and synthetic active enables effective control in fungal diseases through multiple mode of action.

  • Cnidium monnieri is known as an extensively used medicinal herb both in traditional medicine and modern practices.

    Cnidium monnieri exhibits pharmaceutical properties with antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal effects.

  • Cnidium monnieri plant extract has growth inhibition activity through influence on gene transcription. It blocks the expression of genes in the respiration chain, which leads to deficient production of ATP and inhibition of growth.    

  • Takezo 200SC has a relatively low impact on a range of beneficials and pollinators.
  • Boscalid is a synthetic fungicide effective against a wide disease spectrum in different stages of fungal development. It has translaminar and acropetal movement within the plant that induce systemic activity.

    Boscalid belongs to FRAC group 7/C2 (SDHI: succinate dehydrogenase inhibitors). The target enzyme is succinate dehydrogenase which relates to the mitochondrial electron transport chain. Boscalid blocks the target enzyme thus disrupting cell respiration and halting fungal development and controling the disease. 

  • Boscalid has a relatively low toxicity level and is approved for use in the EU.

Takezo 200SC is a hybrid fungicide for outstanding control in a wide range of fungi diseases. Takezo 200SC’s unique combination of biological and synthetic actives delivers a better toxicological profile, lower residue index and lower impact on beneficials and pollinators. Always alternate with insecticides of different modes of action through the season to prevent the development of resistant pests.

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