Hwange National Park is Zimbabwe’s biggest (14000 sq.km) game park / wildlife reserve but does not have sufficient natural water supply for the wildlife it contains.

Therefore, the natural water pans within the park which are normally fed only by seasonal rain, are now also fed by boreholes (wells with solar powered water pumps) year round, but particularly in the dry season.

In the recent years the organization ‘Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Authority’ have failed in their responsibility, amongst others, to maintain these solar powered boreholes.

Therefore, in 2008 an annual fundraising, cycling event was introduced through an organization called W.E.Z www.zimwild.org.zw, with the intention of raising money for the support and maintenance of the vital water supply to Hwange’s wildlife.

The event has been running successfully now for 9 years and is known as PLFW or Pumping Legs For Water www.pumpinglegsforwater.com.

Sineria has sponsored another successful cycling event in 2017 contributing all the money to W.E.Z.